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Originally Posted by Lost on Row 1 View Post
Did I miss the part where you check the look of the spark plug? What color, wet or dry? It sounds like a crank seal, is the trans oil level dropping at all? If the exhaust is that clogged it could be because of a crank seal or using incorrect oil for a period of time. What kind of oil are you putting in the injector tank? Describe what the motor is doing when it feels as though it is "seizing". Nice looking 100, hope you get her going.
Hi there. I perhaps forgot to mention the spark plug. I can't call it a true 'plug chop' but I've checked the plug after riding a couple of times and I'm getting a very dark almost black on the top 2 or so thread rows, and dark dark brown (which I thought was rich) on both electrode and insulator. Wet on threads, dry on sparky bits.

While de-coking the exhaust a while back I also emptied the trans oil only to find there was too much in there. This made made me think this was adding to the overheating by the engine lugging. I emptied it and measure 750ml or so. The manual says it should be 600ml and I found when replacing the oil it spilled out the oil level hole at 550ml. I thought this, along with the exhaust decoking, that it might solve it. It didn't. :( As far as I can tell the trans oil level is stable. I think the pipe was partially clogged, but I'm told clogged up baffles on 2 strokes were more common on the old bikes with the old oil. Performance is much better now post caustic soda and coat hanger attack.

I am running Castrol Activ 2T, which I bought because it was readily available and was in the tank when I did the top end so I figured I'd stick with it. It's mineral and ok for injector systems. I'd like to find something else though.

The feeling is this: the bike flies for 25-30 minutes, less if the weather is hot, more if it is cool. I think I can feel a small loss in power in acceleration, but only very slight, and then while accelerating I will feel a jolt or what feels like a stutter in the engine. A jerk. Then I might feel a couple or more in a row, along with loss in power and struggle accelerating. Before I did the top end I figured this was a seize but I used to ride it til it stopped. Now, I just shut it off before it shuts itself off
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