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Originally Posted by acesandeights View Post
Yes, it's stiff in fact, but doesn't feel like it's riding on the spring. That's how it felt in stock form like it was riding solely on the spring.

I rode again today and went over a little dirt jump the kids around the neighborhood use on their bicycles. I didn't jump it due to all the mud, just up and over a few times as if it were "whoops". My bike follows the terrain really well. Both tires stay planted to the ground. I know what you mean by the pogo because that's what my stock suspension felt like, but a really soft pogo stick. Now it's a stiffly, firmly planted, completely connected to the ground feeling. I'm still not sure whether it's a little too stiff, but I'm almost thinking riding for the last 18+ months with the stock suspension has made me forget what a good set up should feel like. Mine feels like the compression is stiff and the rebound just sticks the bike to the pogo. Hope that helps. BTW, when are the tires coming again!?
I just checked the sag, it is more than it should be so I'll add in some more preload and see what gives give. I'd like to get this to ride somewhat like my DRZ did.

Tires? Probably sooner than you'd think!!!

How's the coffee?

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