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CT90 mod time

I have two CT90's (bought as a package, one running and one parts) The running one is being kept stock (well ok, I am going for a big bore kit since I managed to hole a piston....lesson learned... always double check jetting when you get a used machine with a rebuilt carb!)

I'm now thinking of taking some essential bits off the parts bike as spares for the other one and then doing some modding to the parts bike. (Which is in bad enough shape and missing enough bits I don't feel badly about modding it.)

Currently my mental list includes:

Tractor style motorcycle seat
Lifan engine (I'm keeping the engine from this one aside for parts for the other CT90 which I am keeping stock)
Ammo box panniers
Flat black paint job
Dual headlights with wire cage
Leather Frame cover with rivets (to replace the missing frame cover on this bike, it's the piece that covers the central frame tube) - I plan to mould some wet leather around the frame cover of the other bike to get the general shape. (Am going to try for a vintage/steampunky feel for this)
Replacement speedo (original one being kept as spare for the other bike)
Replace the rear tail light, replace blinkers (Get something with a wire cage, bit of an industrial look perhaps.)
Redo side covers - make rough copies in sheet metal and then rivet together (and add copper to outside for riveted copper look.)
Currently aiming to do this near year - going to spend a year collecting bits (and saving up the budget to redo the bike)

Any other ideas I can *ahem* blantantly steal? :)
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