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Originally Posted by m2h View Post
Hi Stretchah, Well i finally got back to my bike had very similar symptoms to yours. Pulled the motor out and took the head off with great trepidation! Turned it over and cleaned it up NO BROKEN SEATSYah Heavy carbon on the inlets but exhausts looked a good colour. So WTF!! Pulled the ex. valves and the seats were ok but the vlv faces had small erosion marks all round. One inlet had similar marks but very minor and the back of the valve had some build up of greycrust. The other inlet was not too bad you coulse were it had actully been seating. My conclusion is that the valve clearances have been too tight on these valves and have been getting blow by on the firing stroke. I am hoping a valve grind will fix the problem. Anyone else have a theory? Need to measure the bore and piston next. There is some scoring on the forward wall that you can feel but the rest still shows hone marks. will need to borrow some micrometers etc. hopefully maybe another hone and ringswill fix it all!!
Just as an interest thing my Honda dealer quoted me as follows for parts ex Japan:
Head gasket $NZ 64.00 100mm Head Stud bolt $14.60 Piston $178.54 Rings $133.89 Wrist pin $47.75
How does that compare to the States?
NZ exchange rate is around $0.80 US cents for our dollar at the moment.
Hope you got your bike sorted out and your back on the road again!!
M2H, Glad to hear it isn't the same issue that's great news.... I'll leave it to one of the experts for other theories, but, it sounds like your on the right track and a good grind and clean up can only help, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you I'm based in the UK and a lot of the parts arseem to be quite expensive here, os, probalby wouldn't help much. THe heads being welded etc at the moment, os, hopefully not too long till she's back on the road
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