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Originally Posted by valongbeard View Post
Same boat. I have what I need for game, but shot up all my 22's on Friday. !

It is great to see a boy in the woods. There is a great education there for him. I take my girls to the mountain as often as they will allow me. I just can't get 'em hooked on bikes yet. Good with 4 wheelers, but afraid of the two wheelers.

Who's out and about today?

The boy loves it there. He is already dead set on being a biologist who studies wolves.

I have a nice little range set up for him with knock down steel plate targets but we couldn't do much shooting this time because we literally couldn't find .22 ammo. Shot up some of what we had a camp.

Guess once things settle down I will have to stock pile some .22 ammo also. It's nuts.

I have a daughter also, she is not a fan. She enjoys shooting the .22s but over all would prefer to stay here at the Beach.
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