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Even though lane splitting has been tolerated here in Kalifornistan, it hasn't been widely excepted or promoted. (I've been in traffic school on several occasions where the dick head instructor said it was illegal. )
Butt now the pig gubment 'n CHP have finally figured out that it's better fer everybody on the road, 'n safer, so they're promoting it.
Besides be'in shitty drivers, Americans are selfish pigs who don't see the greater good, of people splitting and getting off the roads making more room for others. Hopefully this'll help?
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I don't think it'll ever be a good idea in the US. Too many rednecks and people who don't "get it". They'll always be "pissed off" that someone is getting in front of them and that's where the trouble starts.
Whyz it gotta be 'bout rednecks? Sum us rednecks are open minded, 'n encourage lane split'in.
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