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Part Three (Day of First)

Moe.ron’s life was forever altered Saturday.

We were to ride Quatal Canyon Road to Cerro Noroeste Road down to Maricopa, on to Elkhorn Road through Carrizo Plain to 58 to Pozo and finally home via Hi-Mountain Road. A big, long dual sport loop with absolutely everything you could ask for.

Of course it all starts as many of our rides in this land do…fast, twisting tarmac of Route 33 from Ojai to Ventucopa.

We had to leave a little late that morning due to moe.ron’s commitments, but it was all good. I was confident we could catch up to the large group of Adventure Riders that were in the area for a ride and camp in Pozo. The flag man at a road work zone asked if we were with “the BMW club” of 30 or so bikes, we said “ We are trying to be” He said we were 30 minutes behind them and there was no way we would catch em.

Well…we pushed it pretty hard through the ascents and descents of the Los Padres. My plan was to skip Quatal Canyon and head straight to Maricopa; sure I would find some bikes fueling up. Now, as we motored along the flat straight into Ventucopa I spotted a line of bikes making way down Quatal Canyon! We had found the pack.

Moe.ron’s life was about to change… both of us oblivious to this as we spun around to get on to Q-Canyon Rd….His life will now be known in two distinctly different parts…Life Before Q-Canyon and Life After Q-Canyon…
We shut down, drained our bladders and prepared to get down this seemingly innocent stretch of dirt road….the only advice I gave was about the drop outs I found the first time I came down it…the road drops away suddenly when traveling with excessive speed and in the bottom of these drop outs are 1-2’ crevices that will tear your fucking heart out if you are not ready for em…so, be on your toes!

The first bits of road are roughed up pavement till you get past the quarry, then its NF dirt road going up the mountain. The dirt started easy enough, no big deals, nothing too crazy, I tried to remember which drop outs contained the soul sucking crevices and which I could launch a bit off of….then we caught up…met some of the fellas, made a couple quick intros to guys I have seen and read for years on this site.

Great to finally meet y’all!!

Shortly before we met up with the fellas I noticed the road was beginning to was getting wet and with the wet was the mud…slipping, sliding, mud…like owl shit on a brass door knob, this stuff was slick.

We had a lot of cold weather with snow during the nights out here over the last few weeks and now with some nice warm temps, we had a perfect recipe for a good ole fashion quagmire.

The farther we got up the mountain the more we ran into ice and snow mixed with mud. Not much different from my ride last weekend above SB, only this time I had 20-25 bikes in front of me and the temps were wonderful.

The trickiest or at least most intimidating portion was a solid ice climb that required some fancy throttle control and finesse. Some folks had problems, but for the most part it was smooth operations. Lots of guys dismounted and helped to catch folks if an issue arouse….everyone in it together, I like that.

Moe.ron was doing fucking outstanding at this point, but I was a little nervous for him..we walked down to our bikes as our turn to try the climb approached... I think he wanted to discuss technique and gear selection theory for a bit…I figured it might be best to not think about and just go…just go…ride the bike up the fucking hill, don’t nuke it out…just go….I told him I am going up in second and using the clutch to control my speed….just go, don’t think, just go.

And go he did!! No problemoe.


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