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Originally Posted by az45 View Post
Every time I read "road book" I assumed you were talking about the full size book they handed the car guys, I wasn't thinking it was a roll chart.
Last year the bikes and cars got the same roadbook "book" (the rolls are called roadbooks too). The bike guys who used it last year cut the pages out of the book and taped them together into a roll for each day. That's a common approach for a budget rally. The width of the roadbook is determined by the standard size that fits into the motorized roadbook holders, 6". For Dakar and some other top events the bikes get the roadbooks as continuous rolls, one roll for each day. If NORRA will let me this time, I'll try to get the bike roadbooks printed as rolls. No promises though!

Here's Jonah Street taping sheets together for a nav training ride in Pahrump:

This PDF tutorial gives an insight into rally navigation, as done in a cross-country rally. Don't worry, for NORRA most of the tricky stuff isn't used:
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