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*walks into room*

Hey guys, I brought some soda and . . .

*looks around*

*crickets chirping*

Hello . . . anyone?

*tumbleweed blows by*

*confused because indoors*

*notices t.v. is on*

*sits on couch, eats from mostly empty bowl of popcorn*

Where is everyone? They're missing this cool British pool tournament.

*because British accents make things cooler than otherwise*

Wait, it looks like billiards . . . and yet it isn't quite. Oh, apparently it's sno . . .

*notices sticky note on side of t.v. monitor*


*Reads aloud*

"Dread, we're in the bivouac thread.
Don't forget to bring beer
(you better not bring soda again!)
Laia left you a message saying no,
she will not marry you,
and to please stop asking.
(But don't stop, Dread, you'll
persuade her someday!)

And don't eat the popcorn!"

*stops chewing*

We've made it to the end. Well done F5!
"Never get excited in a rally, its a race, but its never a race at that exact moment" -Quinn Cody

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