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It's a short cut, really
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Thumb YAY...piccies

Thanks for the photos, DrE.

Body filler on the crashbars That's a new one. Seems like it would be more trouble than just finishing the welds....How odd.

Here's a few extra things I thought of as a reward for updating us "visual learners"

....You can extend the forward part of the rear fender (down at the swingarm) by using a flap to continue the fender down past the swingarm brace section. I used some heavy rubber from a computer mouse can get them cheap and in all kinds of colors or logos.

....There has been lots of discussion on the CS sprocket. Personally, I've decided to only use the official Honda part here. The 16T CS sprocket from the Honda Hawk will fit perfectly on the TA here. It is a bit more expensive than the JT a bonus comes with a nice rubber "noise damper" bit molded to the outside that contacts the side links of the chain.

But the real reason for using this is because we as a group have never scientifically determined the real reason for the sever output shaft spline wear that is seen on some TAs.

My personal opinion is that this wear comes from running the chain tension set to "street bike" standards by inexperienced owners or even shop techs.

But the real reason I use the Honda part is that I've not paid a lab to do "Rockwell" hardness testing on (a) the output shaft (b) the Honda CS sprocket and (c) the JT or other oftermarket sprockets that advertise that they are "hardened".

So...while a "hardened" CS sprocket would sound - at face value - to be a good thing. It is decidedly NOT a good thing if the sprocket is harder than the output shaft. If it is....wear occurs on the shaft and not on the sprocket.

Obviously it is much easier and less expensive to replace the CS sprocket than the output shaft.'s why the official HONDA part at this particular location. I happily use the JT stuff on my other bikes and at the rear wheel sprocket.

One more tidbit, E. The CR shock reservoir MAY interfere with the standard TA coolant tank. If it does (it did when I used the AT shock and it does with my Ricor unit too) the coolant tank can be relocated almost anywhere. Small tanks can be found at auto wreckers in may different configurations. I'm still playing with the best one for the AT nose fairing. I figure that mounting it where the pilot can see it is a good idea.

Right now my DR750 is more torn down than your TA...but I'm working on it . Well see who has a running machine first.

.......Thanks for the photos....
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