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Originally Posted by jdub View Post
I think I passed you guys mid-afternoon on Rattlesnake Road if you were headed south there at that time. I was on my GSA, and I as we passed I was thinking "those look like some nice vintage bikes".

Thanks for the tip on Hawbottom Road, sounds like a good place to go scout out.

That was us. We were heading south on Rattlesnake around 3:00-ish. Its about an hour home for us from the bottom of Rattlesnake run (taking the dirt / back roads), so we wanted to be sure to be back by dark. Our 6 volt lights work about as good as a flashlight from the dollar store with old batteries in it...

Its funny that you thought "those look like some nice vintage bikes" ... because we said "we need to get us some nice modern bikes like that GSA". HaHa. Thanks for the complement though, its fun to keep the old bikes going, and they are great for a cruise around the dirt roads.
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