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Originally Posted by ThumpnRed View Post
I will get right on it. Nosler or Barnes?
WTH are shooting at in Texas with a freakin .358 Mag?! That's a lot of kaboom for any Texas critters!
A .270 was as much gun as I ever used when I lived in San Antonio. Heck, a .243 was just about right. Several south Texas whitetails and hogs fell victim to a .243 inch "intervention"
Speer please.
Ya know I have hunted with a .243 for many years. It has a short chambered barrel so Fed. Prem. 105 gr leave the barrel at 3200. A true 1" group gun. It's a M98 sporter. That gun has been lucky to kill what it has. The bullet usually blows apart on impact and a fragment catches a vital. So I switched to a 30-06. No problem with anything here in Texas. A through hole every time. The .358 is a gun I bought for a dollar from a guy at work who was in trouble. A good shooter but heavey. The gun has a pretty funny history. I pulled the barreled action from the stock and there are what looks like hack marks and chisel marks on the bottom of the barrel and action. Looks like a bedding job gone bad! The .358 Norma is pretty close to the .338 mag. I want to shorten the barrel, add a syn stock, and go after an Elk someday.

Not to brag or anything but last year I hit a small pig that was on the run with a .22mag rifle and dropped him in his tracks! Range was 125 yards. It was an off hand shot with 18" of lead.

Getting ready for Big Bend trip. Before:

After: 55T read sprocket, the usual 15 up front, Michlen desert Racer tires, oil change in forks with 120mm air gap, steer head checked, brake pads flat sanded, brake fluid changed, all grounds and electrical connections cleanned and checked, controlls adjusted and lubed, oil is good, petcock cleanned, carb. drained, all bolts checked.

Only a few miles on the Michlens but a super handling tire so far.
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