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Originally Posted by gkam View Post
Nice Transalps, Dr E and Rob 110!: clap

But what is Ladder 106 engine mount upgrade?
Ray's (ladder106's) engine mounting upgrade is drilling out the existing front bolt holes and installing Grade 8 bolts. The factory Honda bolts are very soft and while this is not a problem of motors shearing them off, with engine guards they could run the risk of snapping if you happen to test gravity on the side of the bike.

Originally Posted by orso View Post
che marca di gomme hai montato ?????
Estoy corriendo el Shinko 705 como un experimento. Hay mucha discusión neumático en la pizarra y varios amigos los están utilizando aquí y me gustaron mucho. Así que veremos cómo estas dos.

Originally Posted by 2bold2getold View Post
Dr E, nice work, And +1 on not taking any previous work for granted. You must have a very understanding wife.
This is my art studio/guest home next door to our main home. I have been building bikes in there for years and what makes it nice is its warm in the winter, cool in the summer and I can have the games playing on the TV and food/beer stock in the kitchen. Really works our as a win/win all the way around. When I am not working on bikes, that space is used for painting, pottery or anyone of the mediums I enjoy working in.

Originally Posted by Ladder106 View Post
Thanks for the photos, DrE.

Body filler on the crashbars That's a new one. Seems like it would be more trouble than just finishing the welds....How odd.

Here's a few extra things I thought of as a reward for updating us "visual learners"

....You can extend the forward part of the rear fender (down at the swingarm) by using a flap to continue the fender down past the swingarm brace section. I used some heavy rubber from a computer mouse can get them cheap and in all kinds of colors or logos.
Yeah, the bondo really got me on that one as well, but you never know what is running through someones head when they do something. As for the extention, I already have that one worked out and its sitting on the pool table with the rear fender. I saw you had done this earlier in the thread and liked it. No sense fighting mud and gunk in the shock if I don't need to. That was a nice mod you did so I am copying this and many things you have done.

Originally Posted by Ladder106 View Post
....There has been lots of discussion on the CS sprocket. Personally, I've decided to only use the official Honda part here. The 16T CS sprocket from the Honda Hawk will fit perfectly on the TA here. It is a bit more expensive than the JT a bonus comes with a nice rubber "noise damper" bit molded to the outside that contacts the side links of the chain.
I need to go back and revisit this and see about ordering the OEM sprocket on this. I like the idea of the rubber dampener. Fortunately the spline on mine looks as good as the day it rolled out the factory as there no noticeable wear and the chain (while in bad shape) had enough slack to tell me someone did it right. Thanks for pointing out the differences between them, to much work into the bike to let something like this screw it up down the road.

Originally Posted by Ladder106 View Post
One more tidbit, E. The CR shock reservoir MAY interfere with the standard TA coolant tank. If it does (it did when I used the AT shock and it does with my Ricor unit too) the coolant tank can be relocated almost anywhere. Small tanks can be found at auto wreckers in may different configurations. I'm still playing with the best one for the AT nose fairing. I figure that mounting it where the pilot can see it is a good idea.
I saw what you were doing with yours and noticed the different coolant bottle. I have not worked out if I am going to used a alternate location and different bottle or what...but I did position my shock with the reservoir leading away from the bottle. We will see shortly what the final configuration I end up with and location.

Originally Posted by Ladder106 View Post
Right now my DR750 is more torn down than your TA...but I'm working on it . Well see who has a running machine first.
I am not going to race you on this as you know have a tad bit more disposable time on your hands for fun stuff then I do. I bet you could have two bikes done by the time I finally get this wrapped I concede victory to you right now.
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