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Thanks, I took your suggestions and did it that way, although it means that there is a gap between the locking mechanism and the sprocket (where the bolts go through). Doesn't seem like it would come off or anything (thanks Loctite) but does seem odd. Also, I noticed there was some forward and back play on the sprocket, as in I could move it about 2mm in and out on the counter shaft. Didn't really worry me but I thought I'd check this up, just in case.

Now, I wanted to properly look at my front pads so took them out and they are pretty worn, probably will replace them while I'm here. But more importantly, I had a look at the brake pistons, and the tops seem really chipped and cracked. Plus they seem to have an asbestos-type material in the centre of them)?

Could anyone tell me if a) these are still good or stuffed and b) why they don't look like other photos I've seen of XR6 brake pistons?


john thats nothing! Ill show your crumbled piston tops that work great!

the pistons are hollow made of a special plastic, they have metal caps that are removable...thats the part that contacts the brake can take them off, clean them so they are nice and flat and then glue them back on which is what I did....

to clean the pistons you can buff them with some polishing compound, but I would NOT do that unless you want to replace the seals inside the caliper.

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