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The flip side to that is sometimes finding a really hard tag can be rewarding. Rice placed a tag in winnsboro. There was no clue other than the photo and Google Earth was no help. I managed to find the tag after a lot of searching. Would have felt as good if it wasn't such a challenge? No I don't think so, but do I want every tag to be super hard no I don't think so either. That's why it's tough to find the middle ground. I feel like if you are going to place hard tags you should be ready with some good clues. Sometimes when I place a tag I have to remind myself that not everyone lives where I do and sees what I see every week and I shouldn't assume that everyone knows the same locations that I do.

Ideally I'd like someone from any part of the state to be able to find my tags if they felt like going for a ride. Like someone mentioned earlier how many people will skip out on the tag game if they have to spend more than a few minutes on the computer before they grab a tag.
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