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Originally Posted by WallyWhirled View Post
Today we had a nice ride through the desert near the Salton Sea.

After the ride needed diesel for the truck. Stopped at a Chevron. Got some diesel and parked by the door.

Went to a restaurant 2 doors down from the Chevron in the same shopping complex. I stood up after eating and saw some asswipe stealing my motorcycle!

I ran out and confronted the thief who then attacked me. An all out brawl began. We went all over the parking lot throwing blows. At one point I had him on the ground and thought I might be able to subdue him till the cops arrived but he got away.

Other than some busted knuckles, a little other bloodshed, a few lumps on my head, a sore neck and a jaw that will only open part way everything is pretty OK.

I must have won the fight because I still have my bike.
Man, I would love to have someone steal one of my bikes. Which restaurant?
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