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Originally Posted by mpillis View Post
Ok got the old belt off. Bought a new belt from Beemerboneyard and the numbers look different. The old belt was a #592 and new belt is 611 from a manufacturer Continental Contitech. So far unable to get new belt on. Actually when I was turning the crankshaft and getting part of belt on it felt like the engine raised up. felt this twice. Things that make you go hmmmmmm? Gonna research numbers but any help getting that damn belt back on is appreciated.
Sounds like you have an incorrect replacement part. If the numbers are different, the parts are different.

I believe there are different sized belts depending on options such as ABS. The local dealer originally gave me the wrong sized belt too. You'd think they would know enough to ask...

At least you can put the old belt back on and ride until you get the correct part.

Unlikely you're feeling the engine lift, unless the bike is rocking on the center stand.

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