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the headlight is on it's own AC circuit. it's separate from the turn signal/brake light and ignition. however, I think the blue instrument light, runs form the headlight circuit, but doesn't take much current to run it. if the connector is burned, you might want to check if the AC regulator is working, i.e. hook up a AC voltage meter and check if the voltage goes much above 14VAC when you rev it. higher voltage means more current in the light, and can cook the connector as well. bad/loose electrical connections, will also heat up the connector.

Originally Posted by Dracus124 View Post
If the stator was bad, why would only the head light not work? my turn lights and brake light are as bright as ever. I'm feeling it is a bad ground.

Anyway, I just woke up having some coffee and about to tear into this old beast. I don't know why I got so upset over this, I think I was stressed out from work the other night and my light going out = sad me Now that I got my nerve back, I'll probably enjoy fixing this problem, I'm weird like that ha ha. I'll be back in a couple minutes to a couple hours depening on what I run into. I'll let ya'll know whats up.

10:50AM EDIT: I took the fairing off and found my H-plug is melted and seemed to have disconnected itself from the head light. When i changed the H-plug the last time, the autozoner said the cheap one will eventually melt and burn so I should get the High temperature one. I shoulda listened but I thought he was just selling me on the more expensive one. d'oh!
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