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Originally Posted by MizzouRider View Post
The Montana shut off a couple of times. I would hit the power button and it jumped right back in place, no problem.
Is this the loose battery issue? It happened twice. One when I was on the smooth blacktop. If its the loose battery, does the foam plug go above or below the battery? Or, is this possibly just a loose connection in the mount?
Could be either one. Definitely put an earplug in there as Emmbeedee showed, in fact put in two for good measure! You didn't say whether you have power direct from the battery or switched. I prefer direct, since it eliminates several potential problems and I don't seem to have any problem remembering to remove it from the mount when I get home or into camp. I generally don't leave it in the mount even for lunch stops unless far from civilization.

The unit is incredibly sensitive to current variations or micro-second interruptions, so checking every connection and making them as secure as possible is a very good idea.
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