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Originally Posted by kellymac530 View Post
Sand it is....power and speed up, weight back, but not ridiculously back you still need control, and relax so that the front can wander a bit. You need to "guide" the front in the direction you want to go, but let it wander and track through the sand. DO NOT try to muscle the front end through the sand, it WILL dig and plow that way.
I've never had my GSA in the sand yet. But I used to have a 250YZ and I could go anywhere in the sand (without paddles); even where hopped up 4x4's couldn't go. The trick here on the coast is similar - power up - speed up - and stay 'on top of the sand'. If you slow down then you'll plow and your toast. We used to get a good 10' of air coming up the back side (steep side) of the dunes. Only trouble was we occasionally got lost. And we had to be careful of what we called 'witch holes' - drifts that created depressions that weren't nice to go through at 40mph+. Still a lot of fun back then.

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