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Originally Posted by scooteraug02 View Post
Why not just remove the packing?

Ride more you will get used to the bike and not hit the rev limiter.

Loud exhaust doesn't make you safer.
Coming up on 30k miles on the 09 (bought in 2010) and still hit that limiter on occasion! I guess the sportbike in me needs to come out once in a while! I will say I'm continually amazed at the how well these 1200's handle. I love trail-braking late into the apex and not feeling any dive or chassis pitch.!

Speaking of rev-limiter...a few years ago a freind and I rented HD's in Miami and rode to Key West and back. Can someone tell me why these things are so popular? I rode 2 blocks...hit the rev limiter and scraped both sides. Hit my left heel making a left turn, due to the C-clamp riding position, and about ripped my leg out of its knee still hurts. Add to that the excruciating tailbone and lower back pain from that position, the excessive vibration, the excessive heat from that engine, and lack of any power...and I'm left wondering why? I've been on 5 others and its the same thing. I suppose a loud exhaust on such a machine is the closest you'll get to any real power output.?
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