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Originally Posted by tomdubz View Post
Lots of good questions. Here's my (2009) 1/2 cent:

I went 2:1 with the GPR system a while ago. Aside from a funky weld issue on the front header that resulted in a crack and a warranty replacement I've been pretty happy and man does it howl. The accompanying G-it bash plate has proven it's worth many times. I did not remap anything and it's been over 15k miles now. FWIW I removed Cannister and SAS too.

If I were you, I'd make my life easier with some stud mounts for your crash bars and you may consider drilling little holes in your swing arm under the chain adjuster blocks to let water out.
Thanks for the reply! I was beginning to feel like an outcast!

I have decided not to go to 2 to 1. Instead, I'm going to just change the cans to Akrapovic. I am going to the canisterectomy and the SAS removal.

I have been reading up on the SAS removal and apparently, TuneECU can turn off the SAS although I've only seen that stated once. I intend to mine through the "Got tunes" thread to educate myself about using the program, but I will almost surely use the Akra map unless I find information stating otherwise.

Good advice on the studs; I am going to do that for sure. I have read about the swingarm holes and I'll probably do that too!
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