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Originally Posted by trainman View Post
Irish769, as far as I know and from probably installing some 20 sets of handguards on probably 20 motorcycles they are all pretty much the same. Since the throttle handle extends beyond the end of the bar you will have to cut the end off so you can get the handguard end clamps into the end of the bar, this can be done 2 or 3 ways, I used my Dremel to cut my end off, you could also use a hacksaw, the third way would be some sort of knife, but since the plastic on the throttle handle is tuff stuff, I'd pass on the knife. You asked about a drill, I guess you could drill out the end, but you are still going to need a way to shorten the plastic throttle assembly and a drill won't do that. You need the end off first so you can see how much extra needs to be cut off so the throttle handle will clear the handlegards you will be installing. You are going to cut the plastic throttle handle back about 3/16" from the end of the bar, this is so the bar end clamp will not interfere with the operation of the throttle when you install the handguards. One note here, since I was installing new grips I took the old grips off first which can make things a little clearer to what you are doing. One thing about using a Dremel is it will cut the grip and the plastic very smooth and you can take off a little at a time and cut as needed for a nice look and fit. Due note that you are going to have to cutoff both handle grips for the handguard to fit into the bars, but only the throttle side will require the extra trimming because of the truing of the throttle. This is like any other job, with the right tools it's easy to do the correct way.

Thanks John.....That sums it all up nicely!
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