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I actually didn't know about the head gasket issue until I read about it on this forum a week or so ago. Ignorance is blissful, I guess.

My wife is on her fifth Forester. She drives about a hundred miles a day and we swap for a new one at between 70k and 90k. I change the oil myself, always use synthetic. We've never had a head gasket issue with any of them. We had a problem with an oil leak on one of them, I think our 1997. The local garage changed the pan gasket and something else, I don't remember what, but I do know it was a kit he ordered from Subaru which told him it was probably a common problem with that year. Otherwise they've all been trouble free.

She got in a horrible accident with her '02... horrible for the car, that is. She got in a collision with a garbage truck.The car was demolished. I'm a volly with the local FD and we had to cut my wife out of it with the jaws. She didn't have a scratch on her. I was amazed that such a small car protected her so well. Part of it was luck, if anyone had been in the passenger side they would certainly have been killed, but when I pulled up and saw the damage my heart almost stopped with dread. I couldn't believe it when I got to the window and she said she thought she was okay.

She has 67k on her 2010 and we're going to hold off until the 2014's with the CVT are available before we swap again.
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