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Originally Posted by ScubaStevieG View Post
I thought I would close my personal loop - I had a bad battery. My 2009 still had the original Exide with ~200 CCA. I replaced it with a Yuasa YUAM6RH4H YTX14H-BS Battery, pushing out 240 CCA and I've had zero issues with cold weather starts since then. The battery is definitely more powerful and the engine catches noticeable quicker than when I first bought the bike.

Its been outside during my workdays (I park on the street). Today its a balmy 26 degrees in NYC ( -3C for you non 'Muricans)

I'm going to go play with my multimeter when I get home just for shits and giggles...

Chilly... it's been around that here also and snowing off and on... still been able to get to work and back though. But like many have mentioned above, at these temps it does sound a little tired in the mornings. And sometimes the CANbus won't let the grip heaters come on in a random act of self-preservation on the coldest mornings.
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