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Hatch and any others in the know: Please explain to me how any politician, commission, government leader, judge, governor, mayor, congressman, sheriff, etc. can back the population who wants to arm themselves against the Govt. that may want to overthrow the people? Don't those in power, the ones able to pass these laws, realize they are the Government the armed ones are afraid of losing their rights and guns to? Just asking. Probably didn't make any sense, but did you get the gist of the question? Just who are we supposed to be afraid of within our government? Who are we arming ourselves against? People, agencies, places, departments, etc.? Where are all these armed to the moon people supposed to be aiming their guns at? Etc.? Just asking.
I've always kinda viewed it as a Fed vs. state thing. Which is why I hate it when people vomit out regurgitated lies about the civil war - it was about states rights vs federalists. so in my view, it's been going downhill since we lost that one.

Think about this - a nation of united states, each sovereign within its own geographical boundaries, and the Federal government acting only in times of need, which require a united action (e.g. threat of war).
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