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Originally Posted by Erik RS View Post
Could work. How adaptable? Well the fairings form is the fairings form

About the mount: what's the rake of your bike and what's the forklegs's centre distance?

Else e-mail me. We could look into it
Fork rake is about 27 degrees, fork centerline distance (you're asking how far apart are the fork tube centerlines correct?) is about 190mm as close as I can measure with a tape measure. They are KTM RFS fork legs and a KTM style triple clamp.

I understand the fairing form is set, I can modify the lower fairing parts to join my bike. I'm just wondering if the fairing support is going to be close enough to modify or would I end up hacking apart your nice handiwork to fit an obviously different bike?

I have a waterjet shop locally and can weld aluminum but I also recognize the work and engineering you put into yours and I think it would be much easier to use yours assuming no dramatic differences. Hard to guess from the distances apart we are. It would end being an expensive paperweight (although nice looking) if I couldn't use it and had to start from scratch.
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