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[QUOTE=MItrnsplnt;20539910 All I can say is that don't ever try the 5D trails, especially #13 by yourself. 1.5 hours later I finally drag myself off the trail completely spent/zapped of energy from 2 hill climbs that resembled something out of Erzberg, that literally took me 30-40 mins each to climb on multiple attempts taking breaks on portions part of the way up while holding the front brake, so my bike doesn't slide backwards down the hill, that I tell myself that I'm done for the day.[/QUOTE]

Remember I said "DONT DO the bad stuff FIRST ... glad you guys had a good time. That place can be nice... but it can also be very naughty....

Sorry I missed the BIG RIDE Sunday !

I have about decided that I have two bikes that are very good at what they are designed for...I just need to decide what I want to ride and ride the bike that works.
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