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Thursday, January 17, 2013 – Cusco

We spent today in Cusco, not doing a heck of a lot. My stomach is still bothering me, as is the knee that I aggravated a few days ago. We toured the cathedral, got some lunch and napped. Also walked out to Wayna Capac to buy a new battery for the KLR, as the old one appears to be toast. Unfortunately, I forgot to retain the nuts for the battery terminal screws, so another trip to the moto shop is in order for tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll check out Sacsayhuaman tomorrow morning, and then head out to Ollantaytambo.

Chapel off the main plaza in Cusco:

IMG_2384 by Marcin Porwit, on Flickr

Old doors to the Cathedral:

IMG_2385 by Marcin Porwit, on Flickr

There's no photography of any kind allowed in the Cathedral, so of course I had to take some pictures...

One can only imagine how much Inca gold was melted down to make this:

IMG_2386 by Marcin Porwit, on Flickr

Another gilded altar:

IMG_2387 by Marcin Porwit, on Flickr

This is the central section of a huge altar carved out of cedar:

IMG_2389 by Marcin Porwit, on Flickr

An example of local custom influencing religious art... if you look closely, the meal served at the Last Supper portrayed in this painting is cuy (guinea pig):

IMG_2390 by Marcin Porwit, on Flickr

The Incas were pretty good at carving rock. Their temples and palaces are made of granite which has been cut and polished to mate up perfectly with its neighbors. Here's a famous stone that has twelve sides:

IMG_2393 by Marcin Porwit, on Flickr

A pedestrian alley near the plaza:

IMG_2394 by Marcin Porwit, on Flickr

Lots of street dogs everywhere in Cusco. They're pretty mellow animals, and some manage to look quite distinguished:

IMG_2392 by Marcin Porwit, on Flickr

And I'll leave you with another cool door. I like doors:

IMG_2396 by Marcin Porwit, on Flickr

Late in the evening, four Argentinians roll in, soaked. They’re coming from Ushuaia and they too are heading to Ollantaytambo.
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