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I just tested the single channel board at 13A. No problems. The load, was a giant 1Ω resistor and a cooling fan for it. I ran the test for about 15 minutes. The cooling fan could not keep up and I ended the test when the resistor hit 220C (about 430F). That is just too hot for things on my bench. The circuit ended the test almost 6 degrees warmer than the table it was sitting on (so not even warm to the touch). That means that it ate 13A for breakfast! This seems like a winner! I've got a couple parts coming in the mail for the prototype that we are going to build up in the epoxy goop. Assuming that one will function well without air to vent off excess heat, we will build up 50 prototypes and get them into peoples hands to play with.

I apologize if it is hard to keep track of all the stuff I've been talking about here. I have two different products I am currently working on in this motorcycle power space. The "dumb" single channel board (that this message is about) and the "smart" bluetooth 8 channel board. Sorry if you are getting confused from time to time.
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