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After reading some of his other posts it doesn't seem as fishy. It seems as though he didn't put alot of thought into the registration etc. Here is the post that makes it more clear:
OK - i should probably give the full details of my predicament

- I am an Englishman with an English motorbike license
- I bought a KLR650 off another Englishman in Chile last april and have ridden it up to the Guatamala/Mexico border
- He had bought the bike and registered it in Colorado and then ridden it down to Chile - it still has the colorado number plates
- It was impossible to transfer the title papers so we obtained a power of attorney which is what I have used for all my border crossings - the bike is still in his name.
- The tags have expired
- I do not have an american license or know anybody with an american address

I have been doing all my research regarding whether or not i will be abel to get the bike into the States - it never occured to me that I needed up to date registration to get it into Mexico - and to be fair I cannot find a single forum that states registration papers are needed - only the "title document OR the registration papers" are required - and I have never been asked for registration papers before.

yesterday i got refused entry into Mexico - she asked to see the registration papers - i refused - we argued and eventually i showed them - they were out of date and this is why my entry was refused

I am still in very good contact with the previos owner but he is in England.

We cannot renew the registration online as the expiration date is over a month old.

Was looking into getting the 30 day permit but will this not be possible?

If anyone has any solutions im all ears - conmsidering all avenues.

NB - they have a record of when the previous owner entered it so forging documents may be unwise as they will have records and maybe even photocopies of all the documents.

Can somebody else renew the registration and send the documents down to me?

There are many people that would like to help you out here bud. I think that you should be able to resolve this in one:

First have the guy that you bought the bike from go through a 3rd party registration business. They should be able to register the bike in his name. He will need to send them a power of attorney at the least. Then you will have to wait for the registration, but at least you will have one and be able to continue.

Secondly if the original owner is back in the UK he should be able to get some temporary registration of some kind there and send it. That will take a little time back and forth with paper.

Thirdly you might try going to a dealer in Guatemala and asking if they can help you. If you have a power of attorney they should be able to buy it from you, register it, and then sell it back to you. They might want a couple hundred Pesos, but it may be quickest and cheapest.

Fourthly if you bought this honestly and all is kosher the original owner should know a person or two from where he was staying in Colorado that could help out. That is unless he bought it from someone else along the way...
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