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Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet) View Post
I think similarly to the above, BMW know their machines (both cars and bikes) are not 'competitive' in the same way - they are focused luxury brands, and in the case of the motorcycles, querky designs - and are sold to general mass market customers, not specialist niches?

I very much agree with you but in one breath I added if this was the case, Husaberg would be celebrating 12 consecutive victory and KTM would be staying back being affraid of negative press comments on its failure on the toughest race in the world. I guess it comes back to your comment on Yamaha. For KTM MX, enduro and rally is the priority compared to the street bike market.

Well, then it make perfect sense. If any other brands than KTM reaches during the upcoming years the podium, it would be rather a conicident

So shall we start collecting bets on the 2014 results?
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