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Originally Posted by postmortem_42 View Post
Is anyone familiar with the spark mapping handlebar switch on a 95 620? Mine has one with three positions marked a a dot, H and P. It is presently in the H position and is impossible to move the slide switch into the other positions. I do not have the owners manual for the bike but assume this is in fact a spark curve selector. Any info out there on this? Thanks

You dug up an 8 year old thread

Anyways, there is a big thread, search 620rxc or rxc620.

To answer your question, that's the head;light switch. dot is for off, p is for park? Can't remember exactly. What i do remember though is that the switch is stuck on H position because DOT requires the headlight to be on at all times. What you do is replace the shiny mounting screw with one that is shorter, this will free the switch up to be functional again. What KTM did was to use the same switch for USA and Europe models but used a shiny long screw in the usa to jam the switch in one position.

sounds screwy but i kid you not
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