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Originally Posted by Brown Falcon View Post
It's probably toast. I had an older Supertrapp that didn't even look that bad, and when I went to re-pack it the whole disc end separated from the core. Took a lot of PB Blaster, pulling, twisting, cussing, and inventive ways of holding onto it and applying pressure. I finally got it apart, jb-welded it back together, repacked it, and it was still too freakin' loud.

I'm much happier with my XR600 muffler.
Is that an older Supertrapp? I hate to say it but thats a pretty weak looking build design to begin with......doesn't look easily serviceable or very durable at all. Like Brown said you could prolly fight the thing apart....patch it back together and hope it holds up for a while longer, but your bike deserves better. Just pick up another can.....maybe look for a good used deal, or even try the DG for $160 on e-bay, I've heard good things about them.
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