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You have no idea why this bike was being worked on? The transmission was in place and needed only to be tightened? But you have no idea if the trans was being removed still or being put back in already?

Is there any grease on the splines of the input shaft of the trans? If there is grease hear, maybe dried out but still there, it would indicate the trans was going back in.

Is there any oil on the shelf under where the trans sits on the bike? Any oil may be dried up sort of but it would have a dirtiness to it. Oil here would indicate that the rear oil seal has not been replaced yet because most people clean the oil up once the seal is replaced.

It would probably take an experienced mechanic to notice either of these things and I may be hoping for too much trying to figure out what the story is, which would be the utmost help here, to know what was the intent.

It is possible your Father was doing the rear main oil seal, a clutch or a transmission rebuild. It is possible he had finished with which ever of these projects he was working on and was putting everything back together or he had merely gotten stuff taken apart and stopped there.

So you have the trans out now? I guess the clutch has to come out to check if this was the project and if it is usable. The flywheel has to come off to check the rear oil seal. I would say at this point you don't have to rebuild the trans until it is road tested.

We still would like to see the tools you have to work with. Take as many pics of the tools as you can. Hopefully some of them are the special tools needed for this work.

Have you mentioned where you are located yet? It would be the best help for your project to get some experienced Heads to look at this before the evidence is moved around too much. This forum has the experience but I don't know if anybody near you has volunteered to come by yet. I think some of the local parts of the ABC are more active. But it varies from one place to the next around the country.
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