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I was not thinking they should use the same frames.
The same motors could be used in quads, dual sports, street bikes of both the sport and vintage look.
All would have different frames, suspension, etc.

Having a 6 speed allows gearing a bike taller without hosing up 1st gear. A wide range 5 speed is ok on most bikes, but a 6th gear overdrive is nice for any thumper on the interstate.

I also do the interstate on my TU250, but into a head wind and/or up hills I might have a problem with 70 or 75 mph limits. Most people would not be happy doing a lot of interstate miles on a 250. I am not one of them, but I am not like the others.

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The 85mph speed limit in Texas is only on ONE road and only for 40 miles or so (and it is a toll road). Most other interstate speed limits in the US is 70mph or lower. I have a klx250sf and at my 200lbs (5'11") I can do the speed limit on all these other interstates. I have ridden for hours and hours at 70mph on the little bike with no problem maintaining that speed (top speed is 80mph). It has 6 gears and I am looking for a 7th gear. Top gear is the top gear, no matter how many gears are between the lowest and tallest.
You cant just take a dr650motor and put it in a TU frame. The TU frame was designed and built for a 250 motor, not the weight of a 650 motor; they would have to redesign and build a typically different frame.
Honda may be getting in the act of mid-size dual sport bikes with the c500x (got to wait until they are on the market), and it should be around the $6000-$6500 range, FI, and I believe 6 speeds, just what the OP was asking for. But somebody on here will complain about it, for not having enough folk traver, not enough adjustable rear shock, etc.......
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