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Originally Posted by Kevinsterner View Post
I have decided that I need my bars higher. I can't stand on the pegs comfortably because I have to scrunch to reach the bars. This also limits how far back I can move my weight while standing,. Should I get new bars or just some risers. I would like to keep the price down to around $100 or less.

Any advice??
I seem to have the same problem as you are having with the bars being too low. For some reason, I'm just not sold on the bar riser thing. To me, they seem like an add on that doesn't belong....I don't know.....maybe I'm all wrong! I guess if you needed to really get the bars way up there, then risers might be needed to attain that height. And if you are going to 1 1/8" bars, you have no choice but to go to some kind of riser/adaptors like the ProTaper Universal adaptors. But if you want to stick to a 7/8" standard bar, the Renthal RC High bars might fit the bill. They will give you more rise and less sweep than the stock bars and you can bolt them to the stock clamps. There's a ton of options out there....almost mind boggling....I guess the choice is up to you and what you like the looks and feel of personally because both will work.
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