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Thanks for that brown falcon, NOT.
But yeah, speaking of back to our regularly scheduled programming, this:

I need a litle help guys. The bike is pinging and I'm not sure what steps to take. I hear it when I roll on the throttle while going 50 or 60 mph, in 5th gear. It is so bad I can hear it over the wind noise. I have also heard it while in fourth, again at 3/4 to full throttle. It does it despite the type of gasoline I use.

Stock motor except for the "usual" mods: Dave's carb mods, Uni filter, snorkel removed, stock header with FMF Q4. Standard plug. (not the hot or cold range)

Other than this the bike runs great. Starts easily, hot or cold. Good throttle response, no flat spots or hiccups anywhere. I have experienced this a few years ago and I think what I did was to go up a size or two on the main jet. I remember that taking care of it for the most part, but now it's back and needs to be fixed. I need to start keeping notes on this stuff. Can't stand the sound of it and I know what it can do to the motor.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for guns and pussy. I try to keep as much of those around as possible.
has anyting changed that you know of since before the problem to after? I assume no, but should ask. Next could be, clean the carb and check for vacuum (intake) leaks. After that, you have to pop the top and work your way down. Though, you should only have to check the cam and valves. COuld be you have a rocker that's going south too....
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