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OMG. It's like awakening from a dream...


I was born in Wyo. I remember this. I must have been 4 years old in the 60s. I faintly remeber that We crawled inside this pyramid with a road flare. As i recall, it was windy and out in the middle of nowhere... Just like a desert. My father has been long gone for 40 years now. Not too many years ago, I've told my mom, that when we lived in Wyoming, I recall as a little kid crawling around in a pyramid. My mother told me there was no such place in Wyo. and that I must have been dreaming.

Wow, this picture answered that questioned. I wasn't really sure if I dreamt it or not. I never knew about this monument until I read this report. We moved from wyo when I was 9 and I haver never returned.

I need to do a déjà vu road trip. Awesome how some pictures bring back remote childhood memories. I looked this up and sure enough there once was an entrance to the monument. So, it wasn't a dream.

Thanks for sharing.... Wow!!!
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