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Originally Posted by selzbytes View Post
For the next 2 years we are hunkered down in China - Shanghai specifically. This presents us with an opportunity to plan and do some riding in Asia.

Thus far it appears to be more effort than I'm willing to do in order to ride in China - unless someone has figured that all out. So looking for suggested places to rent and ride in Asia.

I'm all ears -

Thanks in advance.


I am Shanghai native. I love riding as you guys. I think the most difficult thing for you riding in Shanghai is the motorcycle licensed plate. With the Shanghai yellow 'A' or yellow 'B' motorcycle licensed plate you can riding in downtown, but the price of yellow 'A' or yellow 'B' is almost RMB80,000 and they are not easy to get. With the Shanghai yellow 'c' motorcycle licensed plate you can riding in the outside of S20, but only Shanghai suburbanites can have yellow 'c' . Except Shanghai motorcycle licensed plates other city's plates are illegal riding in Shanghai. I have a Shanghai yellow 'c' , haha.

About your drive license I think is ok, only in accident the police will check your drive license.

Happy to assist if I can. Let me know your questions.
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