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The '07 is very appealing here in Oregon because we can't plate the older bikes for DS use.

You are wise to consider only the 2007 RFS engine bikes.

It won't be long before the feds clamp down on bikes in all 50 states and bikes
which have managed to be registered in the past will soon be prohibited from
being registered any more. At that point the value of those bikes will drop
significantly for anyone who wants to be able to ride them legally on the street.

The miles and hours matter less than the condition of the bike. I suggest you find
the best KTM mechanic who is close enough to the bike you are considering buying
and pay their shop rate for a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection. A leak down
test and a careful check of all the major systems would give you a good idea
of whether the bike needs major work soon. If you lack knowledge of the RFS
engines you might miss things someone who is familiar will not miss, so it is money
well spent to pay an expert to look over the bike.

Regarding what the bike is worth, a 2007 RFS EXC is a sought after bike on the west
coast especially because the west coast is where the feds first began to crack down
on bikes which were not street legal from the factory. So comparable bikes
are NOT RFS bikes which were made in earlier model years but _only_ RFS bikes which
are also 2007s. What an earlier bike which is NOT factory street legal sold for
is utterly meaningless in the west coast market if you only want a truly street legal
dual sport bike.

The RSF engine EXC is one of the best dual sport / enduro bikes in the world. Whether
you buy this one or another one it's a great choice.

Good luck with your search.


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