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Originally Posted by Harsany View Post
The bike has nearly 300 hours on it but has had the following items replaced recently: Piston / Valves / Seats (done by reputable KTM dealer), plastics, clutch, sprockets, chain and battery. Some upgrades include Clark 3.1 gallon tank, FMF exhaust, and soft seat. I am a little leary of buying this bike because of it's higher hours, but it seems like the RFS engines are pretty bulletproof with the right maintanence (seller claims oil changes every 4-6 hours). I believe I can get this bike for $3500-3600, which seems to be about what I can get an 04-05 with ~100 hours. The '07 is very appealing here in Oregon because we can't plate the older bikes for DS use. What should I look out for on this bike? Thanks!
I paid $3000 for my 07 with 40 hours two and a half years ago. It was a very good deal. I had a plated 05 at the time and traded that for another bike (I figured it was a ~$4000 trade).At the time (sept 2010) low hours 07's were selling for about $5000 (get on gas price) to $5400. This was all in Oregon.

My personal opinion would be that, here in Oregon, now, you could get a 07 with a lot less hours for around $4000-4200.

When you say that the valves were replaced by a KTM dealer, this to me says that stock valves were used. Stainless KW would have been a better choice.

Also, I'm not sure on the current OR plating rules but you can definitely plate an 05/06 in WA and you can bring one of these into Oregon. This is the route I went with my 05, it came with just a plate and a rear brake switch. I installed the KTM Euro harness and all the other parts to make it 100% street legal. I doubt there will be a federal crackdown on existing titles, new is a different matter.

As someone said in response to the $2500 figure, a bike is worth what it will sell for. I have no doubt the above bike will sell for $3500 to someone. This doesn't mean it's a good deal for you, just for this other person. As I said, I'm pretty sure with some patience you can do better, especially in terms of the number of hours and maybe also in terms of accessories. The KTM exhaust is pretty good, easy mod to remove the restrictor, the FMF isn't anything I'd want. An aftermarket header, well that would be different.
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