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Originally Posted by MrPulldown View Post
Did you check to see if your slide is worn out. With the carb off the bike. Which sounds like it is out most days. Place your fingers on each side of the slide. If you can push it back and forth with a click click click, then it is most likley worn. Might be luck and replace only the slide. But like most on here will tell you, ASK BENDER, your pumper is toast.

Don't think the new tank has anything to do with it.
Its possible, I'll check that. But the bike only has about 4k miles on it. Could the slide cause it to run stupid rich?

Originally Posted by 2bold2getold View Post
Might check the tank cap vent. If it's not venting right it should starve, not flood, but I've seen a lean condition that causes popping/missing fill the intake/carb/air filter with oily messy crap. Just throwing out guesses. Really hard to do this stuff long distance.
I'll try running it without the cap to see.

Someone else mentioned on here, and talking to Bullittman281 over the phone, I may have one of those tiny air passages (fuel filter side of the carb) clogged up. Tomorrow morning I'll run some torch tip cleaners through there to see if any sand or anything comes out.

Friday I'll be going back to town to run errands and I'll pick up the old tank (its at my shop) and install that back on the bike.

The Acerbis tank is getting sold though. $200 o.b.o.
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