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Part Three.b

I was so proud of moe.ron when we finally made it to the top of Q-Canyon…I felt like a proud father….I had made a little dirty moe.ron baby …he had ridden well above what we both believed to his limit..mud, snow, ice on street tires.

I honestly had fears that he would quit or fall to exhaustion when we reached the summit, I assured him that was the hardest piece of terra not so firma we would tackle today…it wasn’t so… he just asked “Which way next?”

On to Cerro Noroeste Rd to 33 to Maricopa..very nice sweepers with some great vistas, this day however you had better have your eagle eyes in and spider senses tuned to ice…there was water seeping from the roadways and it was icing over everywhere there was shade.

Fueled in Maricopa and up on to Elkhorn Grade…this was a cake walk compared to what moe. had just been through and I think he was feeling great at this point. Confidence was beginning to soar and why shouldn’t it. He just traversed some sketchy roadways with no drop and relatively little trouble on his second ride off the pavement.

Ahhhhh….wide open Carrizo Plain…I love it out here…

F798 took a little dirt nap and the Alt-Rider bars worked great!

Memorable quote for the day:
"I can't believe I am riding 60mph on dirt, I am the guy that wouldn't ride across a gravel parking lot" moe.ron

On to POZO


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