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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
Just offering an opinion....
Until the crack either gets seriously big (starting to gap open), or your warranty is about to expire,
I would consider ignoring it ....

Who knows BMW might come out with an improved design between now and the end of your warranty,
at which point you could get the new design .... If that does not happen get your warrantied item just before the 3-year warranty expires ... I am told BMW warrants all parts (except wear items) for two years from date of installation which would give you a much longer "window" in which BMW might get the details worked out...
I can't let it go that long Iím relocating to Europe in the summer and the bike is going along. BMW USA, via my dealer says the warranty is not valid outside the US. (Fortunately the dealer in Ankara says they will honor the warranty. I guess Iíll find out definitively once I get there and am in need of a repair)
I'm not inclined to drive a brand new bike around with cracks in it after dropping that much money into a bike, I reserve the privilege of putting the first ding in it, not the manufacturer. They have had five years to get the tank redesigned correctly. I'm not optimistic they ever will.
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