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I have a three month old 2013 with 2500 miles on it. It hasnít even seen a good pot hole yet let alone a dirt road. My tank is cracked down the entire left side. Whatever BMW has done to remedy this five-design-year-problem isnít working. Itíll go into the dealer next week for a replacement under warranty but then what? Repeat problems are apparently not that uncommon and BMWís redesign is apparently no better than the designs on the Ď09s, 10s, 11s, and 12s. You just canít keep replacing poorly designed tanks with new poorly designed tanks until the warranty runs out and then say oh well consumer you're screwed so sorry.
Honestly I love to ride this bike but for the rest of my ownership Iíll always have that nagging concern in the back of my mind of ďwhen will the new tank start to crackĒ. HEY BMW IF YOUíRE LISTENING, HOW ABOUT LIVING UP TO ALL YOUR WIZ-BANG ENGINEERING, QUALITY DESIGN AND BUILD HYPE, AND YOUR PRICE TAG, AND MAKING THIS RIGHT ONCE AND FOR ALL.
When Toyota starts making bikes Iíll buy one. This is my second GS and unless something really changes in Bavaria, likely my last BMW.

Correction the tank is cracked on both sides not just the left.
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