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Originally Posted by ohgood View Post

Sounds like a timing chain stretched to me... I wouldn't worry about the head until the valves are needing reshimmed every oil change.
Nope, sounds like a tight valve. A timing chain that is stretched makes a rattle noise as idle comes down... Like when you adjust a mcct. A tight valve will tick constantly.

I've had my can chain loosen up a couple times over the years.... Once with a acct and a couple times since the mcct and new chain. It has never sounded like that. When my valves got tight tight many years ago it sounded exactly like that. I also had the starting problems that he mentions. Bike would run fine when warm but cold I would kill my battery at times trying to get it started.

Edit: oh and... The two main weak parts of a DRZ in my eyes are the valves and the oiling system. I don't take chances with either. I use the best oil possible and of a valve gets tight I rebuild the head. I'll only shim it once on the initial rebuild, check them at 3,000 miles and never look back. I also make sure to run very clean air filters at all times to help make sure I don't have to rebuild a head again. Its worked so far.
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