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WNWT Day 13

It didn't take much of a suggestion from Doug to convince me to spend another night in South Padre. Spent all day Saturday exploring the island... didn't even start the bike. Good to have a day off of riding. Woke up to 59 degrees and sunny and it only got better from there. Remember those flippity flops I packed... wore them all day

View from the condo:

View of Breakfast by Doug... great tasting sausage!

The South Padre beach has a very fine grain sand, perfect for walking barefoot. The Gulf water wasn't even particularly cold.

One of the most painful things in the world is getting someone to figure out how to take a picture using your phone. I suck at it when others ask me to do it. Show them where to press. They press someplace else and exit the camera app. You have to get the camera back up. Cue uncomfortable waiting. We were successful on the third try. Not bad.

Doug and I...

All morning, you could see a tug pulling an old tanker ship in closer and closer. We went down to the channel as it was pulled through. There is a ship salvage company in Brownsville.

Took a drive to the north end of the island... it's a full time job keeping the sand off the road up there.

For lunch we landed at the South Padre Brewing Company. Doug did so well with the grouper recommendation the night before I took his advice again and had the Ahi Tuna Salad. Fan-freakin-tastic! Went with a flight of their microbrews. I wasn't a fan of the IPA but all the others were good.

Checked out the Port Isabel lighthouse.

View of the bridge over to South Padre from the top

Drove down to the dock area in Brownsville. Supposedly the largest shrimp boat fleet in the world ports there. Saw where they'd parked the cargo ship we saw them towing in. First they yank the prop off, then they pull the front of the ship up into a dry dock, whack off a slice, pull it up a little farther, another slice, until it's gone.

Several roadside fruit and vegetable vendors in that area... got some oranges, tangerines, and sweet corn. Stopped and got some shrimp... Doug made gumbo for dinner. The gumbo was delicious, just the right level of spicy. The sweet corn was not good. We knew any sweet corn grown down there was going to have an uphill battle for ever tasting right. Take some Iowa sweet corn down there and it'd blow their minds.

Great day in South Padre... now, how can I turn this sabbatical into a permanent retirement???
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