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Originally Posted by RuggedExposure View Post
Its possible, I'll check that. But the bike only has about 4k miles on it. Could the slide cause it to run stupid rich?
I doubt it. A badly worn, undersized or broken needle (tip missing) could though, as could a needle that is not seating properly in the slide for some reason.

Someone else mentioned on here, and talking to Bullittman281 over the phone, I may have one of those tiny air passages (fuel filter side of the carb) clogged up. Tomorrow morning I'll run some torch tip cleaners through there to see if any sand or anything comes out.
Try to blast some carb cleaner through those passages (always wear safety glasses, DAMHIK). If you get some squirting out, you know the passage is clear.

Enrichener not sealing closed might cause some or all of the symptoms you are seeing too. You can blow carb cleaner through that circuit and see what happens when you open and close the plunger.

Final thought is that if the float assy were bent or otherwise distorted to one side, it could be touching the inside of the bowl and hanging open
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