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Yes. The series type will just supply what the system is demanding. If for example you run a 200 watt system, it will draw and supply that. The remanding capacity will simply just not be generated..... thus the stator running cooler. It will do this up to its 400 watt capacity. It is the potential failure I would be worried about. Be interesting to talk with people who have run them for long periods of time.... perhaps even seen a failure...
I installed a Compufire on my Honda CBF1000 after the stator fried. It's a known problem with the CBFs, with some riders on the forum on their 3rd stator. Mine went at 24,000km and that's when I installed the Compufire, rode the bike another 16,000km and two years before selling it so I can't say for sure if the Compufire "fixed" the problem on the CBF or not. From my research and a few of us with CBFs who have tried them, they seemed to work and I had more confidence in the Compufire than running another stock unit that I knew would fry at some point.
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